Node-ffi doesn't have any Pointer object anymore #1

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I'm trying to install node-lapack to be used with sylvester, but it appears that the current version doesn't work with the last node-ffi.

The main trouble I encounter when running the example from is that in lapack.js, you create new FFI.Pointer instances which do not exist in the current node-ffi. Is there something to rewrite because node-ffi was updated? How to change it so that it works with the current node-ffi version?

Where is this FFI.Pointer function?

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It's been a while since I've done any work with this project so it's very possible some things have changed in node-ffi. I'll look into it and get it fixed up. Thanks for the report!


@kkoch986 looks like you can close this one now, too

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yes thanks!

@kkoch986 kkoch986 closed this Mar 20, 2015
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