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Mobile application for collecting pictures of OSM objects
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Mobile application for collecting pictures of OSM objects

This app let's you upload picture to you Flickr account and connect is to an OSM object.


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ImageInOsm is still in early development phase and is therefore not available on any application store.

If you would like to participate in beta-testing, just contact us and we will invite your to our TestFlight team.

Of course, you can also install it from the source using Apple XCode or Android Developer Tools (developer oriented).


Want to contribute? Great!

ImageInOsm is an open source project. Please help us by contributing to documentation, reporting bugs, forking the code to add features or make bug fixes or promoting us on twitter, etc.

Bug Report

Please consider using GitHub bug reporting tool (issues).


Please consider following the Natural Solutions @Nat_Solutions Twitter for updates.


We are grateful to the "Ville d'Orange" for their support.

Commercial Support

We have programs for companies that require additional level of assistance through training or commercial support, need special licensing or want additional levels of capabilities. Please visit the Natural Solutions Website for more information or email

See also

ImageInOsm on Flickr App Garden.

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