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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<configuration id="">
<option id="configure" value="configure"/>
<option id="configdir" value=""/>
<option id="cache-file" value=""/>
<option id="help" value="false"/>
<option id="no-create" value="false"/>
<option id="quiet" value="false"/>
<option id="version" value="false"/>
<option id="host" value=""/>
<option id="build" value=""/>
<option id="target" value=""/>
<option id="prefix" value="/usr"/>
<option id="exec-prefix" value=""/>
<option id="libdir" value="/usr/lib64"/>
<option id="bindir" value=""/>
<option id="sbindir" value=""/>
<option id="includedir" value=""/>
<option id="datadir" value=""/>
<option id="sysconfdir" value=""/>
<option id="infodir" value=""/>
<option id="mandir" value=""/>
<option id="srcdir" value=""/>
<option id="localstatedir" value=""/>
<option id="sharedstatedir" value=""/>
<option id="libexecdir" value=""/>
<option id="oldincludedir" value=""/>
<option id="program-prefix" value=""/>
<option id="program-suffix" value=""/>
<option id="program-transform-name" value=""/>
<option id="enable-maintainer-mode" value="false"/>
<option id="user" value=""/>
<option id="autogen" value=""/>
<option id="autogenOpts" value=""/>
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