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Nault is a community driven fork of the popular nano wallet NanoVault 💙

It's a fully client-side signing wallet for sending and receiving nano either directly in your browser at or with the desktop app.

Seamless integration with any nano compatible RPC backend/websocket and the aim to be more frequently maintained are some of the main features. Those together will greatly increase the stability, performance and uptime.

Nault Screenshot

How To Use

Nault comes in different flavors to suit your need.

Desktop App

Available for Windows/Mac/Linux - just head over to the latest release and download the version for your OS. Arch Linux users may install it from the (unofficial) AUR.

If you want to verify the binary checksum there are plenty of apps to do this. One way is using a powershell or bash terminal:

  • Powershell: Get-FileHash -Path '.\Nault-Setup-x.x.x-Windows.exe' -Algorithm SHA256
  • Bash: openssl sha256 Nault-x.x.x-Linux.AppImage

Then compare the output hash with the one listed in the corresponding checksums file that you download.

Web App

You can also use Nault from any device on the web at

Both the desktop (recommended) and web version supports the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. For help using it, please refer to this guide.

The web version can additionally be pulled from the dockerhub repo using: docker pull nault/nault:latest

A full security guide and other useful articles can be found in the Nault Docs.

Mobile App

There is no native mobile app but the web wallet contains a Progressive Web App (PWA). That allows you to run it in offline mode for remote-signing.

If you visit in your phone you will be given the option to install it.

  • Android: Click on "Install Nault for Android" in the menu
  • iOS (Safari only): 1 - Tap the share button. 2 - Select "+ Add to home screen". 3 - Open Nault from the home screen

How To Help

Thanks for your interest in contributing! There are many ways to contribute to this project. Get started here at

If you want to know how to setup the development environment head over to


If you are looking for more interactive and quick support compared to creating a new Github issue, you will then find most of the developers in the Nault channel over at the TNC discord server.


Special thanks to the following!


If you have found Nault useful and are feeling generous, you can donate at nano_3niceeeyiaa86k58zhaeygxfkuzgffjtwju9ep33z9c8qekmr3iuc95jbqc8

Thanks a lot!