Set the Bing Wallpaper of the Day without Bing Desktop
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Bing Wallpaper

This script and scheduled task sets the Bing Wallpaper automatically using the current Bing image of the day.

Scheduled Task Options

You can use either the PowerShell or VBScript version of the scheduled task. The VBScript scheduled task will prevent any window from appearing when the script runs; as the scheduled task is designed to run hourly after the user logs in, this is probably the desirable version.

VBScript Scheduled Task

The VBScript Scheduled Task uses C:\Tools\Wallpaper.vbs as the path. Wallpaper.vbs uses C:\Tools\Wallpaper.ps1 as the path. Adjust these paths as needed.

PowerShell Scheduled Task

The PowerShell Scheduled Task uses C:\Tools\Wallpaper.ps1 as the path. Adjust as necessary.


Import one of the two Scheduled Tasks into Task Scheduler. They will have the correct parameters set upon import.

The PowerShell script is set to perform file operations in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Wallpaper. If this folder does not exist, it will create it. Prior to downloading wallpaper, it first checks for check.ini in the above path. If the file does not exist, it will download the Bing wallpaper to the same directory. If check.ini does exist, it will query the Bing wallpaper site to see if the wallpaper has changed. If it has, it will download the wallpaper and set it; if it has not changed, the script will exit.