Building Live/Static Wallpaper on macOS.
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Yet another macOS Desktop Rendering Kit.


Built-in AppleDoc-style documentation.
Built and saved in project root automatically when attempting to build the framework in Xcode, provided that appledoc is installed


Database Version 1

This is now deprecated and only used by following metthod explicitly

+[MainViewController CollectPref]

Database Version 2

An NSArray of serialised NSDictionary

Serialization can be achieved bidirectionally by calling

+(NSMutableDictionary*)convertArgument:(NSDictionary*)args Operation:(RenderConvertOperation)op;  

of corresponding Plugin

Check WKRenderProtocal.h for usage

Example Python Script:

Build Process

VLCPlayer is enabled by default, which makes the project depends on VLCKit.
Build it yourself and mess around with the project's link settings (Quite an effort!) Or Download Official Nightly Builds and install to /Library/Frameworks/