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Added commands:

  • “changeclass buildbot”, “changeclass marine”, “changeclass skulk”. Change your class to whatever
  • “target” – Spawn a target. Will not respawn
  • “turret” – Spawn a turret. Will track the nearest player
  • “stuck” – Will teleport you to a random open spawn point
  • “say message” – Will print message to everyone else’s console
  • “readyroom” – Will bring you back to the readyroom
  • “marineteam”, “alienteam”, “randomteam” – Join you to the specified team
  • “nick newnick” – Change your ingame nick to newnick
  • “invertmouse” – Will invert your mouse look
  • “instagib” – Toggle experimental instagib mode, 1 hit 1 kill
  • “help” – Shows a help menu
  • “lua” – Runs lua at server
  • “cllua” – Runs lua at client

Gameplay Changes

  • Basic deathmatch functionality. You can kill other players, and get teleported back to spawn when dead.
  • K/D ratio will be shown in the hud
  • View height will be adjusted depending on which class (marine/skulk) you choose
  • Very, very experimental skulk “bite” and buildbot “peashooter” weapons added
  • Added rifle autoreload
  • Added secondary attack for rifle.
  • Added crouch ability
  • Skulk moves 2x as fast as marines
  • Buildbot can fly! Jump while in the air to flap
  • Added ready room functionality
  • Added dummy respawn ability (walk away a bit and it’ll respawn)
  • Added sprinting
  • Added various movement abilities (crouching)
  • Added taunting
  • Added flashlight for Marine class Shift+Z (or Sprint Key + Taunt Key(Should now work with F)
  • Added energy meter for Marine (regenerates constantly, drained by flashlight and sprinting)

General Changes and Fixes

  • Added a working Server Browser (Thanks for the hosting, devicenull!)
  • Added chat interface