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First release - 0.1.0

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@SirLynix SirLynix released this 04 Oct 16:02


  • First release.

Known issues:

  • Nazara fails to compile on Linux with x86 target. (#73, #81)
  • RUDPConnection is still very experimental and may fail to handle packet loss, do not use. (#74)
  • Lua constructors may fail in some cases (#75)
  • Packaging the engine under Linux fails to copy the executable binaries of the demo and unit tests (#77)
  • Building with Clang fails (#78)
  • SocketPoller::Wait does not update its error parameter on Linux. (#79)
  • When initializing the engine, some pixel format errors occurs, this currently has no side-effect. (#80)

Note for MinGW users:

Multiples versions of MinGW exists, I recommand you to use the Mingw-w64 version, as they are more advanced and use a faster exception handling mode.

TDM-GCC-5.1.0-x86-SJLJ (Codeblocks 16.01 version)

Please note that TDM-GCC-5.1.0-x64-SJLJ fails to compile the engine because of their lack of support of the .lib format (used for Assimp/Newton, LIB2A was no help and compiling Assimp yielded a 26 MB binary instead of the 4MB version of Visual Studio).

Here are the Visual Studio 2015 (msvc14) and MinGW binaries.