Pixi.js template using ES6/2015
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This is a simple Pixi.js template to start building games using ES6/2015.


First of all, this project needs Webpack in the global scope:

npm install webpack -g

Once we have installed webpack just clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/Nazariglez/es6-pixi-bolierplate.git

And install it:

npm install

Now you can use npm start or npm run dev to start watching and compiling files, or npm run build to create a minified, ready to production file.


This project has just 5 files in the src folder like a start point.

  • plugin.js: Add the plugins what you want to extend pixi. This template use the pixi-animationloop plugin by default.
  • index.js: Create the game object.
  • config.js: The renderer config, like width, height, etc...
  • Game.js: A simple object to manage the basic game things.
  • Bunny.js: An extended PIXI.Sprite used like an example.