An implementation of protocol described in Home Automation repository
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An implementation of protocol described in Home Automation repository

Still subject to modifications -- ALPHA code: class interface will be stabilized when the protocol is completely defined (v1.0.0).

crypto/ directory contains selected files from ArduinoLibs .

Currently assumes ESP8266 nodes (w/ WiFi). I know I'll have to decouple transport from protocol decoding.

To use it, include Domotic.h then derive a class from Domotic. The derived class should override all the relevant methods. The derived class' constructor must NOT initialize _ains, _aouts, _dins, _douts, members of base class: they're handled automatically. _tlen and _utf must be initialized as appropriate. The actual values will automatically be updated during init() if expansions are detected. Declare (in global scope) DerivedClass myInstance; instead of the (wrong) "Derivedclass myInstance = DerivedClass();" .

Note that expansions state is only updated in handler() method both for inputs and outputs. So, f.e. you can't just poll a din() to check it for a change.

Also note that digital state for 'active' is board- and line-dependant -- but usually all my boards use 'active low' logic.