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docker-compose.yml Start project - mysite Aug 22, 2018

Complete Django Girls Tutorial

This repository contains the code that one would eventually have were they to go through the Django Girls tutorial.



Expressing my authorial rights, some things are a bit different from the tutorial:

  • A Log in and Log out links on the page header

  • A Back link within the blog-detail and blog-edit pages

  • A more extensive .gitignore file

  • A .editorconfig file

  • An additional python package in the requirements.txt: pycodestyle

  • Within mysite/,

    • Use of Africa/Nairobi as my TIME_ZONE
    • Use of en-us as my LANGUAGE_CODE
    • Addition of and to the ALLOWED_HOSTS list


In a python virtual environment, run:

  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • python migrate blog
  • python createsuperuser (to create user that you'll use to log in)

Run the application

python runserver

Now, you are good to go. Your blog is ready.


python test


NB: The app instance will run off the a preset admin user as set in

To spin up the application using docker, ensure that Docker is installed. Then run:

docker-compose up

Or in detached mode:

docker-compose up -d

The application will be live at

Log in/ out

  • Click on Log in (you'll be redirected to the Admin page)
  • On the admin page, fill in the credentials of the superuser created in Setup
  • Click on the Log in button (You'll be redirected back to the page)
  • Click on Log out to log out.

Blog entry

  • Log in
  • Click on the + button, enter the title and text
  • Finally hit the Save button
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