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This package provides a go API client for the lemonsqueezy API


lemonsqueezy-go is compatible with modern Go releases in module mode, with Go installed:

go get

Alternatively the same can be achieved if you use import in a package:

import ""


  • Users
    • GET /v1/users/me: Retrieves the currently authenticated user.
  • Stores
    • GET /v1/stores/:id: Retrieve a store
    • GET /v1/stores: List all stores
  • Customers
    • GET /v1/customers/:id: Retrieve a customer
    • GET /v1/customers: List all customers
  • Products
    • GET /v1/products/:id: Retrieve a product
    • GET /v1/products: List all products
  • Variants
    • GET /v1/variants/:id: Retrieve a variant
    • GET /v1/variants: List all variants
  • Files
    • GET /v1/files/:id: Retrieve a file
    • GET /v1/files: List all files
  • Orders
    • GET /v1/orders/:id: Retrieve an order
    • GET /v1/orders: List all orders
  • Order Items
    • GET /v1/order-items/:id: Retrieve an order item
    • GET /v1/order-items: List all order items
  • Subscriptions
    • PATCH /v1/subscriptions/:id: Update a subscription
    • GET /v1/subscriptions/:id: Retrieve a subscription
    • GET /v1/subscriptions: List all subscriptions
    • DELETE /v1/subscriptions/{id}: Cancel an active subscription
  • Subscription Invoices
    • GET /v1/subscription-invoices/:id: Retrieve a subscription invoice
    • GET /v1/subscription-invoices: List all subscription invoices
  • Discounts
    • POST /v1/discounts: Create a discount
    • GET /v1/discounts/:id: Retrieve a discount
    • DELETE /v1/discounts/:id: Delete a discount
    • GET /v1/discounts: List all discounts
  • Discount Redemptions
    • GET /v1/discount-redemptions/:id: Retrieve a discount redemption
    • GET /v1/discount-redemptions: List all discount redemptions
  • License Keys
    • GET /v1/license-keys/:id: Retrieve a license key
    • GET /v1/license-keys: List all license keys
  • License Key Instances
    • GET /v1/license-key-instances/:id: Retrieve a license key instance
    • GET /v1/license-key-instances: List all license keys instance
  • Checkouts
    • POST /v1/checkouts: Create a checkout
    • GET /v1/checkouts/:id: Retrieve a checkout
    • GET /v1/checkouts: List all checkouts
  • Webhooks
    • PATCH /v1/webhooks/:id: Update a webhook
    • GET /v1/webhooks/:id: Retrieve a webhook
    • GET /v1/webhooks: List all webhooks
    • DELETE /v1/webhooks/{id}: Update a webhook
    • Verify: Verify that webhook requests are coming from Lemon Squeezy


Initializing the Client

An instance of the client can be created using New().

package main

import (

func main() {
    client := lemonsqueezy.New(lemonsqueezy.WithAPIKey(""))

Error handling

All API calls return an error as the last return object. All successful calls will return a nil error.

subscription, response, err := client.Sucbscriptions.Get(context.Background(), "1")
if err != nil {
    //handle error


You can run the unit tests for this client from the root directory using the command below:

go test -v


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details