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NeXt UI Framework

NeXt UI toolkit is an HTML5/JavaScript based toolkit for network web application. It provides a network centric topology UI component featuring high performance and rich functionality. NeXt can display large complex network topologies, aggregated network nodes, traffic/path/tunnel/group visualizations and it includes different layout algorithms, map overlays, and preset user friendly interactions. NeXt can work together with DLUX to build ODL apps.

Homepage :

UI Toolkit Quicklook :

Current version : 1.0.0

Key Features

  • Large complex network topologies
  • Aggregated network nodes
  • Traffic/path/tunnel/group visualizations
  • Different layout algorithms
  • Map overlays
  • Preset user-friendly interactions

File structure

  |- css/
  |  |- next.css // next stylesheet file
  |  |- next.min.css // minimized stylesheet file
  |  |- next-componentized.css
  |  |- next-componentized.min.css
  |- js
  |  |- next.js // next js library
  |  |- next.min.js // minimized js library
  |- fonts/ // font resources foler
  |  doc/ //APi manual

Quick start

  1. Create a HTML file.
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/next.css">
        <script src="js/next.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    //next code
  1. Edit next code
// Initialize a topology component
var topo = new nx.graphic.Topology({

// Create new app
var app = new nx.ui.Application();

// Attach topo to app
  1. Open html file with Chrome

Tutorials and Sample code

Tutorials :

Opendaylight sample code intergrate DLUX with NeXt:


Build instructions from source code

Git :

Environment requirements

In order to build NeXt from sources, you must have Node.js installed.

After that, make sure to have Grunt installed. To do so, run:

npm install grunt

Build process

  • npm install to install npm modules
  • grunt to build from sources

Authorized Devs Only: Bower Updates

You should only update Bower if the build is stable, or a major issue has been fixed.

To do so, type in the command line:

node update-bower.js -u {{GITHUB USERNAME}} -p {{GITHUB PASSWORD}} -v {{VERSION NUMBER}}

Make sure to turn {{GITHUB USERNAME}}, {{GITHUB PASSWORD}} and {{NEW VERSION}} into appropriate values.


node update-bower.js -u gituser -p 123456 -v 0.1.0

Leave the terminal window open until you see Done! message.

Who's Using NeXt

Here we feature a few customers who choose NeXt framework as their topology visualization tool and use it in their products.

Are you next?


Open Bugs


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