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PHP interaction with Selenium Webdriver API

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PHP interaction with Selenium Webdriver API


This library allows the interaction with Selenium Server V2 in PHP. It communicates with the WebDriver API through the official JsonWireProtocol.

One of the goals is to provide a client usage as close as possible to the Selenium Official libraries (such as Java's, c#'s). Most methods are named as the same as of these libraries'. In this way, whenever a developer runs into ideas or documentation in Java Client, the same techniques can be implemented by using this library.


Version 2

Version 1


  • Start a session by creating an instance of WebDriver. By default, the test will run in firefox

    $driver = new WebDriver();
  • As an alternative you can define desired capabilities for the session

    $desiredCapabilities = new DesiredCapabilities("chrome");
    $driver = new WebDriver($desiredCapabilities);
  • Navigate by using the WebDriver::get method from the WebDriver Class

  • Get elements from the DOM in current location

    $textbox1 = $driver->findElement(By::id("someTextBoxId"));
    $button1 = $driver->findElement(By::cssSelector("html body div#content input#someButtonId"));
  • Manipulate located elements

    $textbox1->sendKeys("Some text to send");
  • Find element within elements

    $listItems = $modal1->findElements(By::tagName("li"));
  • Switch between windows

  • Manage alerts $alert = $driver->switchTo()->alert(); $alert->getText(); $alert->accept(); $alert->dismiss();

  • Wait for elements to be present

    $webElement = $driver->waitForElementUntilIsPresent(By::id("someElementId"));
    $wait = new WebDriverWait(8);
    $webElement = $wait->until($driver,"findElement",array(By::id("someElementId"),true));
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