@NeblioTeam NeblioTeam released this Dec 31, 2018

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This is a mandatory upgrade for both Testnet and Mainnet

Download links will appear above as soon as they are finished building.


  • Neblio Tachyon Network Upgrade will activate at block height 387028!
    • Estimated January 10-12 2019 - upgrade before then for a seamless experience.
  • NTP1v3 Support - NTP1v3 completely overhauls the metadata infrastructure of NTP1 transactions by fully taking advantage of the additional space provided by Tachyon, automatic metadata compression and decompression allowing much more than 4,096 bytes of metadata to be stored per token transaction, and more!
  • Full, native, NTP1 token support to neblio-Qt and nebliod, without relying on any of the NTP1 APIs. This makes NTP1 transactions fully decentralized, as required by many exchanges.
  • Replaced leveldb with lmdb. lmdb is much faster and more robust, and supports database ACID, making blockchain corruption almost impossible.
  • NTP1 transactions are now part of the consensus algorithm of the Neblio network and validated by all nodes: An invalid NTP1 transaction will now be rejected by all nodes, instead of only the centralized API server. Full NTP1 decentralization!

Other Changes:
[all] - Complete enterprise-grade CI/CD pipeline. All successful builds for every platform we support are now available at https://neblio-build-staging.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/index.html
[all] - Ability to export a blockchain bootstrap file via the neblio-Qt menu or via RPC command to avoid syncing from scratch in the future.
[neblio-Qt] - Fixed an issue where stake weight display would not show as reset when it should (even though the weight really had reset)
[all] - Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Due to the database change, this release will force a resync on first launch.

To upgrade:

  1. Backup your wallet.
  2. Simply replace your current .exe/.app/binary with the one downloaded from this page.
  3. Optional - Download the bootstrap file and place it in your Neblio data directory.
  4. Let the resync/bootstrap complete