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@nebutech-admin nebutech-admin released this Sep 5, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

  • Add support for CKB mining & CKB+ETH dual mining.

  • Enhance -di parameter to support comma separated list to specify -di value for each card.

  • The default value of -di for CKB+ETH mining ranges from 4 ~ 8 depending on GPU model, valid value range in [1, 10], higher value means higher intensity for ETH.

  • The best value of -di differs by GPU model, overclock and power limitation.

  • 增加对CKB单挖以及CKB+ETH双挖的支持

  • 双挖强度参数-di支持逗号列表分别指定每张卡的-di值

  • CKB+ETH双挖时,双挖强度 -di 根据卡不同默认4 ~ 8,取值范围 1 - 10,值越大ETH占比越高

  • 对于不同卡的不同超频参数,最佳的-di值不同,用户需自行尝试

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