Nebula is an open source walking application skeleton for a typical Backbone web apps. You can use it to quickly bootstrap your Backbone web application projects.
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Nebula is an open source walking application skeleton for a typical Backbone web apps. You can use it to quickly bootstrap your Backbone web application projects.


As Nebula is based on Backbone.js. It is assumed user already knows JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js and Underscore.js. If you are looking for learning Backbone.js, visit

For understanding Nebula skeleton, knowledge of following JavaScript libraries/frameworks are must.

  • Require.js - a JavaScript file and module loader. For more information visit
  • Grunt.js - a JavaScript task runner. For more information visit gruntjs
  • Bootstrap Framework 3.0 - a front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. For more information visit Bootstrap


Requirejs training kit, Please visit: [] (

Gruntjs training kit, Please visit: [] (


Assuming that Git is already installed & running:

git clone

On local system:

Assuming that Node.js is already installed & running,

Install dependencies:

npm install

Assuming that Bower is already installed & running,

Install client-side dependencies:

bower install

To start the development server:

node server.js


NODE_ENV=development node server.js

To start the production server:

NODE_ENV=production node server.js

Open and run Protocore on browser


On Docker

Assuming that Docker is already installed & running.

Open terminal, change directory to the repository where you cloned Protocore and start root session

sudo -s

Build Protocore docker image

docker build -t <username>/<repository>

Verify if image got successfully created

docker images

Run Create image in background

docker run -d <username>/<repository>

Verify if the images is running in background

docker ps

Open and run Protocore on browser


Nebula Generator

Nebula-cli is a command line generator for Nebula. This tool will help to generate a walking application skeleton for a typical Backbone web apps.

Server layer

The server side codebase resides in the server.js and config.js files. By default, the server layer is written in JavaScript (Node.js with Express 4.0) which can be configured and flexible to work with any server side scripting language like Java, PHP, ASP.NET or others. As client and server layer are seperate entity.

Client layer

The client side codebase resides in the src folder. This folder contains following subfolders.

+-- /stylesheets
+-- /systems
+-- /templates
+-- /locales
+-- /assets
+-- /apps

Task automation

Nebula comes with Grunt ecosystem - a JavaScript task runner to perform repetitive tasks like minification, compilation, unit testing, linting etc. Many of the tasks you need are already available as published Grunt plugins.

Few task automations has been configured to detect errors and potential problems in codebase and to enforce your team's coding conventions.

Following are the default Grunt plugins that has been integrated with Nebula architecture.

Automations tasks & commands

Linting commands
Markdown : grunt mdlint
HTML/Templates : grunt htmlhint
JavaScript : grunt jshint AND grunt jscs
JSON : grunt jsonlint
CSS : grunt csslint
Build commands
Production : grunt build
Compilation commands
LESS for development : grunt compileLessDev
LESS for production : grunt compileLessProd
Watch commands
LESS Compilation for development : grunt watchless
Unit test commands
Browser: http://localhost:8080/tests/ install http-server npm
Console: grunt qunit
Report generator commands
Plato : grunt analysis OR grunt plato

Special editions


Boneloop provides a client-[server]-side stack for building enterprise grade HTML5/Marionette applications. It could be used with any server side like Node.js, Ruby, PHP, JEE, Spring etc.

By default it's server side environment comes with Node.js - Loopback (StrongLoop)

Author & Contributors

We really appreciate all kind of contributions. Special thanks to contributors for using and supporting Nebula.

To request a feature or you find any typo errors, enhancements or questions; please feel free to post it on following link, or vote for the ones that are already registered.



The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 Ashwin Hegde