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EOSIO watcher plugin: HTTP POST to endpoint for on chain actions
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EOSIO Watcher Plugin by EOS Authority

The watcher plugin is useful to watch for specific actions on the chain and then send them to an HTTP url. The HTTP POST is called as soon as the action is seen on the chain!

Watcher plugin features

Filter and get notifications for actions on any account

You can either get notifications for all actions on a specific contract account, or any specific actions. You get notifications in a form of http POST call to the url you specify.

Age limit for actions

Usually you don't want to receive notifications for actions which happened months ago, just because your nodeos is resyncing. To prevent this you can specify age limit for blocks, which are filtered for actions you want to receive. This is by default set to 1 minute, but is configurable.

Flexible configuration

Features just mentioned are configurable through options to nodeos (built with watcher_plugin) or in your config.ini. Use nodeos --help to see help for options.

Asynchronous http calls

Notifications are sent asynchronously, which means it does not interfere with normal operation of nodeos, even in case of unreliable http connection to the notification receiver.

Retry on failed calls

To make sure no action is missed, even when a connection to the receiver is lost, on failed first attempt to send, plugin retries once more before giving up.

Installation instructions


  • Works on any EOSIO node that runs v1.1.0 and up.

Building the plugin [Install on your nodeos server]

  1. Copy watcher_plugin folder to <eosio-source-dir>/plugins/ You should now have <eosio-source-dir>/plugins/watcher_plugin
  2. Add the following line to <eosio-source-dir>/plugins/CMakeLists.txt with other add_subdirectory items
  1. Add the following line to the bottom of <eosio-source-dir>/programs/nodeos/CMakeLists.txt
target_link_libraries( nodeos PRIVATE -Wl,${whole_archive_flag} watcher_plugin -Wl,${no_whole_archive_flag})
  1. Build and install nodeos as usual. You could even just cd <eosio-source-dir>/build and then sudo make install

How to setup on your nodeos

Enable this plugin using --plugin option to nodeos or in your config.ini. Use nodeos --help to see options used by this plugin.

Edit your nodeos config.ini (probably easier)

#Enable plugin
plugin = eosio::watcher_plugin
#Set account:action so eosauthority:spaceinvader or just eosauthority: for all actions on eosauthority
watch = eosauthority:
#watch multiple if required 
watch = b1:
#watch multiple if required 
watch = eosabc:forum
#http endpoint for each action seen on the chain. JSON array if you there are multiple actions in one block.
#see sample json example. All "watch" above will be sent to this URL and the URL can handle processing as required
watch-receiver-url =
#Age limit in seconds for blocks to send notifications. No age limit if set to negative.
#Used to prevent old actions from trigger HTTP request while on replay (seconds)
watch-age-limit = 5

Check if the plugin has loaded

  • You should see an entry for watcher_plugin in the logs when you restart nodeos.
  • Your HTTP endpoint should receive POST requests as in our sample JSON
  • Thats it, you should be all set to get realtime actions on the chain.

Feedback & development

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