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\title{Sia: Simple Decentralized Storage}

{\rm David Vorick}\\
Nebulous Inc.\\
{\rm Luke Champine}\\
Nebulous Inc.\\


Sia is a blockchain-based cryptosystem that enables decentralized file storage.

Decentralized storage is good for the health of the Internet.

Sia is an altcoin that will be merge-mined with Bitcoin.

Altcoin is needed for enforcing contracts that require storage proofs.

\section{Block Structure}
Block Header:
\item Version
\item Previous Block Hash
\item Timestamp
\item Block Hash

Block Hash = H(Nonce || Transactions)

Each transaction:
\item Version
\item Input List
\item Output List
\item Transaction Signatures

There are up to 16 inputs.

Each Input:
\item Previous Output ID
\item Previous Output Spend Conditions


6 minute block time.

Difficulty adjustments every block. (note - dishonest difficulty attack - ask wizards if there is a fix)

Block subsidy adjustments every block.






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