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At long last, we are ready to release Sia v0.6.0. We've made over 500 commits since our last release!
As noted in the README, this version introduces significant changes to the renter and host. Renters must now set an allowance before uploading, and hosts must add storage folders.

To set an allowance, use siac renter setallowance [funds] [period]. The period is in weeks; 1 week is approx. 1000 blocks. You will not be able to set the allowance until a minimum of 12 hosts are online. You can see the host list with siac hostdb. Finally, to view the contracts you have formed, use siac renter contracts.

Importantly, file contracts are not automatically renewed in this release. That means that your files can only be stored for a finite amount of time. After that, you'll need to reupload them. As such, we encourage beta testers to form short contracts and not upload critical data. We are working on automatic renewals now, and hope to include them in the next patch release (v0.6.1).

v0.6.0 is largely incompatible with v0.5.2. We apologize for the inconvenience.