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Translation Guide

Thank you for contributing your translations!

Translations that have been requested by the community can be found by filtering open issues labeled "translation needed". If you can contribute translations in these languages, we would greatly appreciate it!

To get started, copy en.yaml and rename it to <language-code>.yaml. <language-code> is the ISO 639-1 code for the language.

Go through the file and translate each translation: "___". If you cannot translate this line, please leave it in English and add a comment at the end of the line like so # TODO: i18n: translate this. You can email the translated file to with the subject [i18n] adding <language>.

If you have corrections to a translation, locate the corresponding <language-code>.yaml file in /i18n/, make a copy, find the mistake, and correct it. You can email the corrected file to with the subject [i18n] <language> correction.

We encourage you to open a PR on the site's GitHub if you're familiar with git.