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A tool to help with timing combos in Street Fighter IV
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this is the source code of the streetfighter 4 combo trainer written in c# using microsoft visual studio express 2013 for desktop


here is a list of things that need fixing

1) code clean up. the current codebase is incosistent with variable names and access modifiers and also doesn't follow established c# coding style. it also doesn't make use of c# specific syntax elements like using properties instead of get/set methods

2) remove any kind of memory allocation during timeline playback. partially fixed by cbcoolbox. It could still be useful to run some kind of memory trace and see what kind of stuff is happening at runtime.

3) fixed by ceaseless

4) fixed by cbcoolbox

5) fixed

6) improve the timeline. this is a bigger one. working with the timeline is pretty clumsy atm. when you want to add things to the top of a long combo you have to bubble it all the way up. grouping, collapsing and commenting timeline items are requested features too. this will probably affect the savefile format too.

7) what ever you'd like to add and might improve the software

8) add more cool demo combos

I'll gladly accept pullrequests, I've never used github to actually collaborate but I think its not that hard.

if you are interested in this source code because you want to write your own sf4 tool check out sf4memory.cs and sf4control.cs. to read data from a programs memory you'll also need the files inside the memory editor folder.

you may do whatever you want with this code although I have to mention that I decompiled a programm called SF4 Show-off by lullius (slitherware) and stole memory address information and genral ideas from there.

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