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A Markdown editor replacement for WordPress


  1. Clone the plugin to your plugins directory, usually located at wp-contents/plugins.
  2. You need to run git submodule init and git submodule update to pull showdown.js and html2markdown.
  3. In your WP Dashboard go to Settings and than Writing, scroll down to the Splitdown section and select which post types you wish to use Splitdown on.
  4. Enjoy

Other Notes

I implemented an experimental version of the WordPress Media Manager. At the moment it does not work in distraction free mode. Since Markdown doesn't support css classes for elements, I need to write a showdown extension to fix this, so images can be displayed properly. As always this may take some time to implement, because I work alone in my spare time on this. :) If you want to help, please feel free to fork this project and submit a pull request with your changes.


If you find a bug or have a suggestion, please leave a ticket at https://github.com/Necrotex/Splitdown/issues.


If you need support, please contact a WordPress expert. Issues are not for support questions.

Javascript libraries used: