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    Flexible PHP5.3 MVC Framework
Dioxid is a PHP 5.3 MVC Framework, inspired by Tom Frosts
"Hydrogen" and the Zend Framework, licensed unter
The MIT License.

I've written it because I needed a very flexible and
powerful but yet small MVC Framework with very few restrictions.

I didn't like all the conventions I'd had to face with the
Zend Framework. Also with a growing project the internal held
objects getting real big, even if I don't need them.

So here it is: Dioxid. At the moment it works pretty well, with
very few known bugs. Through this framework is still young there may be
more, yet not known, urgent or harmless bugs. So if you discover one,
drop me a line or send me a patch ;)

Unfortunatly there is a lack of documentation at the moment. The most
important files have some PHPDOc style comments with usage examples in
them. As soon as I get around to implement the last few things for
version 1.0, I'll write a complete How to use guide with tutorials and
improve the PHPDoc.

    How to use
Copy the index.php and config.ini files from the examples folder into your
project diretory and edit them to your needs.

Dioxid is modeled after the Frontcontrollerdesignpattern, so you need
to tell your Webserver to redirect all request to the index.php. There
is also an example file for nginx in the examples folder.

Now your ready to start working on your first controller.

A more detailed documentation is at the moment under constrution and
should be soon available.

For a more detailed look into Dioxid inner workings or advanced usage
take a look at the doc folder for a PHPDoc overview.

    Last but not least
If you have any querstions, drop me a line ;)