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NFK Server Launcher

Console Launcher for NFK dedicated server (Need For Kill).


  • Console interface (native for dedicated)
  • Autorestart NFK server when it crashed
  • Set processor affinity and priority to NFK server process
  • Easy to install as a windows service
  • Autoupdate NFK server files (how it works?)



There are custom parameters can be defined in nfkservice.xml:

  • Title - console title (it also used for windows service description)
  • ServerExeFile - path to server.dat (nfk dedicated server executable)
  • ExeParameters - parameters to start nfk server
  • LogFile - realtime.log from nfk server
  • ProcessorAffinity - set processor affinity mask to the server process (hex value)
  • ProcessorPriority - set processor priority to the server process (numeric value 0-5)
  • ServiceName - windows service name, used on install/uninstall event only
  • AutoUpdate - enable/disable autoupdate
  • AutoUpdateUrl - url to xml file that contain information with latest server version and files to update

Config file name must match exe file name. For example: launcher.exe and launcher.xml.

if config file doesn't exist, then default values are used.

Installation as a windows service

Just run launcher with one of the parameters:

  • /install or /i - install new service
  • /uninstall or /u - uninstall exist service

For example: nfkservice.exe /i

Note: Administrator rights are required.

Control using external scripts

  • sc stop NFK - stop service
  • sc stop NFK - start service
  • sc query NFK - get service state

Installation on Linux

Web Interface to control servers


Control NFK dedicated servers from web interface


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