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Oniguruma regex library on the web using WebAssembly
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Onigasm (OnigurumaASM)

WebAssembly port of Oniguruma regex library.

Usage/API/Behaviour 1:1 with node-oniguruma port, tests are literally imported from node-oniguruma repository for maximum compliance.

Of course, unlike node-oniguruma, this library can't hook into roots of V8 and is therefore 2 times* slower than the former.

Instructions for porting your app to web


npm i onigasm

Light it up

WASM must be loaded before you use any other feature like OnigRegExp or OnigScanner

// index.js (entry point)

import { loadWASM } from 'onigasm'
import App from './App'

(async () => {
    await loadWASM('path/to/onigasm.wasm') // You can also pass ArrayBuffer of onigasm.wasm file

// `onigasm.wasm` file will be available at `onigasm/lib/onigasm.wasm` in `node_modules` of your project directory

Once loaded onigasm is a drop-in replacement for oniguruma

- import { OnigRegExp } from 'oniguruma'
+ import { OnigRegExp } from 'onigasm'

That's it!

* Tested under laboratory conditions using benchmark.js


onigasm is licensed under MIT License. See LICENSE in the root of this project for more info.


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