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A program that sets/toggles the Windows 10 dark theme
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Windows Auto Dark

A program that sets/toggles the Windows 10 dark theme. This can be done with PowerShell, but it causes a window to show for a second. Running this program won't show a window at all. This makes it particularly useful for changing the theme automatically.


Compile the program or download the executable from the Github releases page. Place the executable anywhere that users can access it.


If the program is run without any arguments, then it will toggle the dark theme setting. You can pass in one of two arguments: light or dark. Only the first argument will be read in, all others will be ignored.


Use Windows Task Scheduler to run this automatically. This article has detailed instructions on how to do so. Just use the path to this program's executable in place of the path to PowerShell and light or dark in place of the PowerShell arguments.

How It Works

This works by setting the registry key Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize\AppsUseLightTheme to 0 for dark or 1 for light.

Future Plans

Add a feature to create the Task Scheduler tasks using Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper.

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