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A MagicMirror² Module ethereum ticker
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An ethereum ticker MagicMirror module. Based on the valmassoi/MMM-bitcoin module.

Installing the module

Clone this repository in your ~/MagicMirror/modules/ folder ( $ cd ~MagicMirror/modules/ ):

git clone

Using the module

Add MMM-ethereum module to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
    module: 'MMM-ethereum',
    position: 'top_right',
    config: {
      updateInterval: 30000,
      exchange: "kraken"

Configuration options

Option Description
updateInterval Optional
The API allowes for 2000000000 nanoseconds (2 seconds) of CPU time per hour, and allowance is reset every hour, on the hour.
Each update uses between 2500000 and 10000000 nanoseconds
Based on the maximum 10000000 nanoseconds, the allowance is 200 updates per hour
That means one update every 18 seconds

API Documentation can be found here

Type: int(milliseconds)
Default 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds)
exchange Optional
The exchange used to get the data

Can be any item from THIS LIST with a currencyPair of ethusd

Type: String
Default "kraken"
showHighLow Optional
Show the 24 hour high/low

Type: Boolean
Default true
highLowColor Optional
true: Show the 24 hour high/low in color
false: Show the 24 hour high/low in white

Type: Boolean
Default true

To Do

  • Create issues to track these
  • API allows for different exchanges, allow setting this via configuration
  • 24h high/low values on the ticker
  • Last change indicator (Green = price went up, Red = Price went down)
  • Current hashrate for mining rig
  • Alert when miner goes offline
  • Average hashrate for mining rig
  • Pending payout for mining
  • Mining calculator based on average mining
  • Convert USD value to local currency (Configurable - ZAR in my case)
  • Add ticker graph (minute, hour, day, week, month, year)
  • Possible future extensibility to allow for different cryptocurrencies
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