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Radio stories from the 1990s at WIOD, in Miami Florida.

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Radio Stories

These Miami radio stories were copied from a Neil Rogers Facebook group (2013-2014). The author AK unfortunately deleted them after getting into an online battle with a few members of the group. Fortunately, John Baker saved them before he passed. This archive is not affiliated with the political drama and member fighting on Facebook. Our mission is to preserve radio history before these stories are lost.

Before posting, fans of Neil were asked online if they wished to see these stories published. The response was overwhelming in favor.


Gilbert interviews Ricky Schroder

WIOD Cart Wars

WIOD Van Troubles

Randi's Best of Video

Randi's Chair

Joey Does Weekends

Chronic Review - The Guy with the Eyes

Chronic Review - The Fanny Pack Guy

Chronic Review - Alfred "Al" Rogers

Chronic Review - "The Amazing Giwbewt"

The WIOD Blimp

Randi banned from Disney's New York

Miami's Own, Scotty Ma

Reineri on his own

Sundays Mornings (Defo and Garden Guy)

Hurricane Andrew Part 1

Hurricane Andrew Part 2

Hurricane Andrew Part 3

Phil Might Be Crazy

Bryan Cox - I Hate WIOD

Inadequate Dave

Randi's Departure

Sandbagged, Barfbagged, Nichol-bagged

Come out, come out, wherever I can see you

Neil's Arrest

The Magic Cookies

Brooke Daniels

Almost Killed Jorge

The “Best” of Randi Rhodes

WIOD Disney Diaries

Not talkin’ about women

The Great Briefcase Robbery

Fear and Delivering in New Orleans

The Cat is Outta The Bag

The Sale of WIOD – Part 1

The Sale of WIOD – Part 2

This Place is a ZOO!

Worst. Hunger Strike. EVER.


Radio stories from the 1990s at WIOD, in Miami Florida.







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