Extrapolate filter

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Plug-in filter to perform extrapolation of the animation node curves. Supported algorithms are constant, linear and quadratic Polynomial extrapolation.

By default, the type of extrapolation is linear, which is equal to “Keep Slope” type in Mobu.


Area - number of keys to capture for extrapolation algorithm

Pre Enabled – enabled/disabled pre extrapolation

Pre Count – number of pre-extrapolated keys

Pre Type – type of the pre extrapolation

Post Enabled – enabled/disabled post extrapolation

Post Count - number of post-extrapolated keys

Post Type – type of the post extrapolation

Python usage sample

from pyfbsdk import *
list = FBModelList()
for obj in list:
  # Create a Key Extrapolate filter.
  lFilter = FBFilterManager().CreateFilter( 'Extrapolate' )
  if lFilter:
    lFilter.PropertyList.Find( 'Pre Enabled' ).Data = True
    lFilter.Apply( obj.Translation.GetAnimationNode(), True )


  • Property enums such as extrapolation type is not displayed in the user interface and are not recognized by Python.
  • Polynomial extrapolation is not so good, it's not stable and not very predictable. Perhaps the algorithm should be replaced altogether if possible. May be my version of Gauss poly_fit is not very good.
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