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Basic game now working. Asks questions, prompts for new questions if …

…run out of questions and guess is incorrect
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1 parent 6acaeb9 commit d27c4f792dd2ade1426db3c4aa4dea9f2200ae73 @NeillAlexander committed Oct 2, 2011
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  1. +41 −7 src/questions/core.clj
48 src/questions/core.clj
@@ -13,25 +13,31 @@
(read-string (:body (client/get url))))
;; This will gradually grow through the lifetime of the game
-(def starting-data {:question "Are you alive?", :yes "Trevor McDonald", :no "Elizabeth I"})
+(def starting-data {:question "Are you a news-reader?", :yes "Trevor McDonald", :no "Elizabeth I"})
+;; Use this to change the response to :yes or :no
(def transform-response {"y", :yes, "yes" :yes, "n" :no, "no" :no})
+;; Use this to make sure user enters y, yes, n or no
(def validate-response (set (keys transform-response)))
+;; Create the data structure. We embed the vector of responses so that we can navigate the tree.
(defn make-game-data [questions]
{:questions questions, :responses []})
+;; A question is a map like: {:question "Are you a x?" :yes "Yes answer" :no "No answer"
(defn is-question? [answer]
(map? answer))
+;; Checks that data matches the expected game structure
(defn is-valid-game [data]
(and (map? data) (:questions data)))
+;; Prompt user for input, validate with a function, and transform.
(defn prompt!
"If supplied, valid is passed to check the input to make sure it is valid."
- (prompt! s str/blank?))
+ (prompt! s #(not (str/blank? %)) identity))
([s validate transform]
(println s)
@@ -40,41 +46,69 @@
(recur s validate transform)
(transform input)))))
+;; Helper method for the most common case where we prompt for yes / no
(defn prompt-response! [s]
(prompt! s validate-response transform-response))
+;; Navigate the game data to pull out the next question based on the responses.
(defn next-question [{:keys [questions responses]}]
(if (seq responses)
(:question (get-in questions responses))
(:question questions)))
-(defn current-response [{:keys [questions responses]}]
+;; Based on the responses in the game data, what is the current value?
+(defn current-response-value [{:keys [questions responses]}]
(get-in questions responses))
+;; What was the users last response?
+(defn last-response-key [{:keys [responses]}]
+ (last responses))
+;; Add the response to the game data
(defn add-response [data response]
(update-in data [:responses] conj response))
+;; Clear the responses from the game data, ready for a new game
(defn wipe-responses [data]
(assoc-in data [:responses] []))
+;; Ask the question and return the response
(defn ask-question
"Prints the question and prompts for a response, returning :yes or :no"
(prompt-response! (next-question data)))
+;; Update the game data
+(defn replace-guess-with-question [data question]
+ (assoc-in data (apply vector :questions (:responses data)) question))
+;; Ask for a new question to add to the game data
+(defn improve-questions [data]
+ (let [last-guess (current-response-value data)
+ new-question (prompt! (str "What yes/no question could I ask that would distinguish you from " last-guess "?"))
+ response-key (prompt-response! (str "Would the answer be yes or no for " last-guess "?"))
+ other-answer (prompt! (str "What would be the " (if (= :yes response-key) "no" "yes") " answer?"))]
+ (replace-guess-with-question data {:question new-question, response-key last-guess, (if (= :yes response-key) :no :yes) other-answer})))
+;; Display the guess and either declare victory or prompt to improve the questions
(defn guess [data]
- (let [response (prompt-response! (str "Are you " (current-response data) "?"))]
+ (let [response (prompt-response! (str "Are you " (current-response-value data) "?"))]
(if (= :yes response)
- (println "Yay! I win!!")
- data)))
+ (do
+ (println "Yay! I win!!")
+ (if (= :yes (prompt-response! "Play again?"))
+ data))
+ (improve-questions data))))
+;; The game loop
(defn play
(let [data (add-response data (ask-question data))]
- (if (is-question? (current-response data))
+ (if (is-question? (current-response-value data))
(recur data)
(guess data))))
+;; Entry point for running
(defn -main [& [swank? :as args]]
(if swank? (swank/start-repl 4005))
(loop [data (make-game-data starting-data)]

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