A command line client for RTM implemented in Clojure
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# rtm-clj

This is a command line tool for interacting with Remember the Milk, implemented as a Clojure learning exercise. At the time of writing it runs and provides a basic set of commands. It's possible to view all lists, add items, etc. 

I did have plans to add more functionality but, actually, once I started to use it, I realized that I prefer using the Remember the Milk web interface, or the RTM app on my phone. At this point I'm not sure if I'll bother doing any more work on it.

Here are the outstanding features I was originally planning on implementing:

    1 - Maybe: Create a macro for commands?
    2 - Tune the code as a learning exercise. There is lots of common code which could be made to macros?
    3 - Numeric range selection when displaying a list
    4 - Rtm numeric range selection for mv etc
    5 - Provide a way to create aliases - useful for search
    6 - Maybe: Up key to cycle through history?
    7 - Fix bug - can't move task to smart list
    8 - Allow wildcards for complete, rm, postpone etc. * for all. 1-4 for ranges etc
    9 - Command to view all tags
   10 - Provide way to uncomplete a completed task
   11 - Provide way to list completed tasks
   12 - Better handling of dates (work out timezone)
   13 - Command to output items to a file
   14 - Maybe: Change the prompt to display the context of the current list
   15 - Change way due command works. Should be able to say "due time 1 2 3"
   16 - Web front end for rtm
   17 - Command to edit / add url for a task
   18 - Write a high level set of tasks that help me do my weekly RTM process
   19 - Command to open a url for a task
   20 - Remove all println from the api part, to make it reusable
   21 - Update the README
   22 - Update the help
   23 - Maybe: Split the command line engine into separate, re-usable project?
   24 - Remove the dependency on monolithic contrib
   25 - Write a blog entry once finished working on the app
   26 - Delete a list
   27 - Create an executable once happy with first version
   28 - Convert to Clojure 1.3
   29 - Command to do bulk copy of tasks e.g. travel checklist to list
   30 - Make updates asynchronous - assume they will work and then if they don't report an error.

## Usage

lein uberjar && java -jar rtm-clj-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar

## License

Copyright (C) 2011 FIXME

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.