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Merge pull request #2292 from cngarrison/master

change to routeros native script rather than bash multiline commands
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Neilpang committed Jun 19, 2019
2 parents 24e574e + c42dbbf commit 06f860c8ea12c304defa0a1d6997437f91cc9378
Showing with 20 additions and 23 deletions.
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@@ -85,30 +85,27 @@ routeros_deploy() {
scp "$_ckey" "$ROUTER_OS_USERNAME@$ROUTER_OS_HOST:$_cdomain.key"
_info "Trying to push cert '$_cfullchain' to router"
scp "$_cfullchain" "$ROUTER_OS_USERNAME@$ROUTER_OS_HOST:$_cdomain.cer"
DEPLOY_SCRIPT_CMD="/system script add name=\"LE Cert Deploy - $_cdomain\" owner=admin policy=ftp,read,write,password,sensitive
source=\"## generated by routeros deploy script in
\n/certificate remove [ find name=$_cdomain.cer_0 ]
\n/certificate remove [ find name=$_cdomain.cer_1 ]
\ndelay 1
\n/certificate import file-name=$_cdomain.cer passphrase=\\\"\\\"
\n/certificate import file-name=$_cdomain.key passphrase=\\\"\\\"
\ndelay 1
\n/file remove $_cdomain.cer
\n/file remove $_cdomain.key
\ndelay 2
\n/ip service set www-ssl certificate=$_cdomain.cer_0
# shellcheck disable=SC2029
/certificate remove $_cdomain.cer_0
/certificate remove $_cdomain.cer_1
delay 1
/certificate import file-name=$_cdomain.cer passphrase=\"\"
/certificate import file-name=$_cdomain.key passphrase=\"\"
delay 1
/file remove $_cdomain.cer
/file remove $_cdomain.key
delay 2
/ip service set www-ssl certificate=$_cdomain.cer_0
# shellcheck disable=SC2029
ssh "$ROUTER_OS_USERNAME@$ROUTER_OS_HOST" "/system script run \"LE Cert Deploy - $_cdomain\""
# shellcheck disable=SC2029
ssh "$ROUTER_OS_USERNAME@$ROUTER_OS_HOST" "/system script remove \"LE Cert Deploy - $_cdomain\""

return 0

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