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Merge pull request #2583 from JohnVillalovos/dev

debug_bash_helper: Use eval as busybox systems have problems
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Neilpang committed Nov 15, 2019
2 parents 20b64c8 + adce8f5 commit aac9f089d9c63cd753ac9dd9ab3b52e9cd6af3d8
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@@ -268,31 +268,31 @@ _usage() {
__debug_bash_helper() {
# At this point only do for --debug 3
if [ "${DEBUG:-$DEBUG_LEVEL_NONE}" -lt "$DEBUG_LEVEL_3" ]; then
echo ""
# Return extra debug info when running with bash, otherwise return empty
# string.
if [ -z "${BASH_VERSION}" ]; then
echo ""
# We are a bash shell at this point, return the filename, function name, and
# line number as a string
IFS=" "
# Must use eval or syntax error happens under dash
# Must use eval or syntax error happens under dash. The eval should use
# single quotes as older versions of busybox had a bug with double quotes and
# eval.
# Use 'caller 1' as we want one level up the stack as we should be called
# by one of the _debug* functions
eval "_dbh_called=($(caller 1))"
eval '_dbh_called=($(caller 1))'
eval '_dbh_file=${_dbh_called[2]}'
if [ -n "${_script_home}" ]; then
# Trim off the _script_home directory name
eval '_dbh_file=${_dbh_file#$_script_home/}'
eval '_dbh_function=${_dbh_called[1]}'
eval '_dbh_lineno=${_dbh_called[0]}'
printf "%-40s " "$_dbh_file:${_dbh_function}:${_dbh_lineno}"

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