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neilpang committed Jun 30, 2019
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请确保已经更新到最新的代码, 然后贴上来 `--debug 2` 的调试输出. 没有调试输出,我帮不了你.
我很忙, 每天可能只有 几秒钟 时间看你的 issue, 如果不按照我的要求写 issue, 你可能不会得到任何回复, 石沉大海.
请确保已经更新到最新的代码, 然后贴上来 `--debug 2` 的调试输出. 没有调试信息. 我做不了什么.
If it is a bug report:
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Do NOT send pull request to `master` branch.
1. Do NOT send pull request to `master` branch.
Please send to `dev` branch instead.
Any PR to `master` branch will NOT be merged.
2. For dns api support, read this guide first:
You will NOT get any review without passing this guide. You also need to fix the CI errors.

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