How to use Azure DNS

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You need the Azure Cli 2.0 tools to create a service principal for access to your DNS Zone. Either install Azure Cli 2.0 locally or use the Azure Cloud Shell


Log-in to Azure

(not required when using the Azure Cloud Shell)

az login 
    "cloudName": "AzureCloud",
    "id": "12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef",
    "isDefault": true,
    "name": "myAzureSubscription",
    "state": "Enabled",
    "tenantId": "11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555",
    "user": {
      "name": "",
      "type": "user"

List your DNS Zones

az network dns zone list
    "etag": "00000002-0000-0000-f641-73c64955d301",
    "id": "/subscriptions/12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef/resourceGroups/exampledns_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/dnszones/",
    "location": "global",
    "maxNumberOfRecordSets": 5000,
    "name": "",
    "nameServers": [
    "numberOfRecordSets": 11,
    "resourceGroup": "exampledns_rg",
    "tags": {},
    "type": "Microsoft.Network/dnszones"

Create a service principal

The service principal is used to grant access to the DNS Zone using the id value from the previous commands output

(See for more details )

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name  "AcmeDnsValidator" --role "DNS Zone Contributor" --scopes /subscriptions/12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef/resourceGroups/exampledns_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/dnszones/
  "appId": "3b5033b5-7a66-43a5-b3b9-a36b9e7c25ed",
  "displayName": "AcmeDnsValidator",
  "name": "http://AcmeDnsValidator",
  "password": "1b0224ef-34d4-5af9-110f-77f527d561bd",
  "tenant": "11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555"
Note: Dealing with multiple DNS Zones

Because by default saves the credentials in ~/ you have to use the same credentials for all your DNS Zones*.

For example if you are also managing certificates for you can grant the the service principal acccess to the DNS Zone with:

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name  "AcmeDnsValidator" --role "DNS Zone Contributor" --scopes /subscriptions/12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef/resourceGroups/exampledns_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/dnszones/ /subscriptions/12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef/resourceGroups/deleteme_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/dnszones/

or grant access to the service principal after you created it

az role assignment create --assignee 3b5033b5-7a66-43a5-b3b9-a36b9e7c25ed --role "DNS Zone Contributor" --scope /subscriptions/12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef/resourceGroups/deleteme_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/dnszones/

*If you want to use different credentials instead use the --accountconf switch to specifiy a configuration file

Limit access permissions to TXT records

In Azure DNS you can limit the permissions for the service principal further and only grant permissions to modifiy TXT records for a given DNS Zone. (See for more details)


  • Azure Subscription is 12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef
  • The resource group of your DNS Zone is exampledns_rg
  • The DNS Zone is
#!/usr/bin/env sh
# Create a custom RBAC role that grants permissions to modifiy only TXT records
    "Name": "DNS TXT Contributor", 
    "Id": "",
     "IsCustom": true, 
    "Description": "Can manage DNS TXT records only.", 
    "Actions": [ 
    "NotActions": [ 
    "AssignableScopes": [ 
az role definition create --role-definition "$dnscustomrole"
# Create a new service principal and grant permissions to modify TXT recornds in the give DNS Zone
az ad sp create-for-rbac --name  "AcmeDnsValidator" --role "DNS TXT Contributor" --scopes "/subscriptions/12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef/resourceGroups/exampledns_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/dnszones/ 

# or  grant an existing service principal permissions to modify TXT recornds in the give DNS Zone
#az role assignment create  --assignee 3b5033b5-7a66-43a5-b3b9-a36b9e7c25ed --scope "/subscriptions/12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef/resourceGroups/exampledns_rg/providers/Microsoft.Network/dnszones/" --role "DNS TXT Contributor"

You can now use

export AZUREDNS_SUBSCRIPTIONID="12345678-9abc-def0-1234-567890abcdef"
export AZUREDNS_TENANTID="11111111-2222-3333-4444-555555555555"
export AZUREDNS_APPID="3b5033b5-7a66-43a5-b3b9-a36b9e7c25ed"          # appid of the service principal
export AZUREDNS_CLIENTSECRET="1b0224ef-34d4-5af9-110f-77f527d561bd"   # password from creating the service principal --issue --dns dns_azure -d -d
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