How to use lexicon dns api

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lexicon is a python tool for a number dns providers.

As I'm writing this doc, it supports the following dns api: The current supported providers are:

  • Cloudflare
  • DigitalOcean
  • DNSimple
  • DnsMadeEasy
  • DNSPark
  • EasyDNS
  • Namesilo
  • NS1
  • PointHQ
  • Rage4
  • Vultr

You can check its project page:

You must install python and lexicon before using it.


1. Using lexicon cloudflare api:

export PROVIDER=cloudflare
export LEXICON_CLOUDFLARE_TOKEN="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" --issue  -d  --dns  dns_lexicon

2. Using lexicon namesilo api:

Namesilo applies any submitted changes to DNS records every 15 minutes. To make sure verification aligns with propagation, --dnssleep must be set for 16 minutes (960 seconds). You may generate a new API key (namesilo-api-token) at the api manager under Account Options after logging in.

export PROVIDER=namesilo
export LEXICON_NAMESILO_TOKEN="namesilo-api-token" --issue  -d  --dns dns_lexicon  --dnssleep 960

For more examples, please check lexicon page:

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