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How to use on embedded FreeBSD

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FreeBSD embedded systems like nas4free, FreeNAS etc. usually don't have curl and wget installed. The fetch(1) utility can't replace them, because it doesn't support POST and PUT requests. So I used this workaround to get curl running on this platform.

Full story in Issue #194.


You need:

  • a persistent storage (to save some files)
  • your FreeBSD version and architecture (e.g. FreeBSD 10, x86-64)

1. Find curl and ca-root-nss packages

You need to get the curl binary and the ca-root-nss.crt containing trusted certificate authorities.

Search for the packages in the download archives:

E.g., currently these would be for FreeBSD 10 x86-64:

2. Download and extract

Replace the URLs found in step 1 above.

$ cd <path on your persistent storage> # e.g. nas4free: somewhere in /mnt/pool0
$ fetch -o curl.txz
$ tar xvf curl.txz /usr/local/bin/curl
$ mv usr/local/bin/curl .
$ rm curl.txz
$ fetch -o carootnss.txz
$ tar xvf carootnss.txz /usr/local/share/certs/ca-root-nss.crt
$ mv /usr/local/share/certs/ca-root-nss.crt .
$ rm carootnss.txz
$ # rm -r usr # be sure you're not in / ;-)

3. Configure your shell

Your shell needs to know how to use the new curl binary. Create a file _shell_profile in same directory as above:


export CURL_CA_BUNDLE=<path on your persistent storage>/ca-root-nss.crt
export PATH=$PATH:<path on your persistent storage>

Load it in your current shell session:

$ . _shell_profile

4. Install

Now download and install using the advanced configuration.

./ --install --home <path on your persistent storage>

You can now use it as usual.

5. Certificate renewal with cronjob

Usually, can't create the automatic cronjob for certificate renewal on those platforms. I use a script like this:

. <path on your persistent storage>/_shell_profile --cron --home <path on your persistent storage>

Don't forget to chmod +x

Now find out how to create the cronjob on your system. For nas4free, you can do it in the web interface under System -> Advanced -> Cron. I scheduled it for running on the 1st of every month.

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