Twikee help you promote your app or game by using the most effective marketing technique : Twitter spreading
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Twikee is a library to help you promote your app or game by using the most effective marketing technique : Twitter spreading. You can use it by providing extra content (unblock features, extra lifes, etc) to users in exchange for an advertising tweet about your app.


Simply drag Twikee.h and Twikee.m into your project and you are ready to go.

How to use


Twikee should exclusively be used through his singleton method

+ (instancetype)sharedInstance;

Before trying to disply Twikee, you should consider using the following method

- (BOOL)canSendTweet;

This will return NO if there is no Twitter account binded to device. Then, you are ready to go with

- (void)showWithTitle:(NSString *)title tweetMessage:(NSString *)tweetMessage prefixMessage:(NSString *)prefixMessage;

This will display an UIAlertView with the title you passed on the parameter title. tweetMessage is the advertising tweet you want the user to send and prefixMessage is only an informative text to display (will not be sent with the tweet). Warning : this method will throw an exception if tweetMessage characters count > 140. Example :

[[Twikee sharedInstance] showWithTitle:@"Send a promoted tweet to unlock a life ?"
                          tweetMessage:@"Checkout the new Death Fire game @deathfire"
                         prefixMessage:@"Preview : "];

You can also use the following method if you don't need prefixMessage :

- (void)showWithTitle:(NSString *)title tweetMessage:(NSString *)tweetMessage;


TwikeeDelegate provides methods that can be used to intercept events. All those methods are optional.

- (BOOL)twikeeShouldDisplay;
- (void)twikeeWillDisplay;
- (void)twikeeDidDisplay;
- (void)twikeeDidCancel;
- (void)twikeeDidSendTweet:(NSString *)tweet;
- (void)twikeeDidFailWithError:(NSError *)error;

Release Notes

Version 1.1

  • Fix bug : request for access before fetching Twitter accounts
  • Localization for English and French

Version 1.0

  • Initial release