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async-module-loader for webpack

Based on https://github.com/webpack/bundle-loader with improvements of error handling

npm install async-module-loader


webpack documentation: Using loaders

Also you will need to use AsyncModulePlugin.

Basic usage

async-module-loader returns function which accepts 2 callbacks: for success and for fail Exports of the requested module are passed into success callback as a first argument

require('async-module-loader!./file.js')(function onLoad(mod) {
}, function onError() {
  // error happened

Also you can use Promises with promise option specified, like this:

require('async-module-loader?promise!./file.js').then(function onLoad(mod) {
}, function onError() {
  // error happened

Specifying a chunk name

require('async-module-loader?name=my-chunk!./file.js')(function onLoad(mod) {
}, function onError() {
  // error happened

Delayed execution

If you do not want your module to be executed immediately (maybe because some animation is in play), then you can tell to async-module-loader to load a chunk, but not execute it. In such, a function will be passed to the success callback instead of a module.exports object of requested chunk. Call that function then you will need you chunk executed:

require('async-module-loader?noexec!./file.js')(function onLoad(executeChunk) {
  setTimeout(function() {
    var mod = executeChunk();
  }, 500);
}, function onError() {
  // error happened


To make async-module-loader work correctly you need to add AsyncModulePlugin to your plugins.

// webpack.config.js

var AsyncModulePlugin = require('async-module-loader/plugin');

module.exports = {
  // ...

  plugins: [
    // ... other plugins

    new AsyncModulePlugin()
  // ...

Query parameters

  • name: Use this to specify output name for requested chunk. See webpack documentation

  • promise: Use this to return a promise from async-module-loader.

  • noexec: Use this to delay chunk execution


MIT (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license)