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School Jammers

Entry for Game Boy Jam 2 and One Game A Month June 2013. Yeah, in November.

And no, I didn't compose the music. Obviously.

How To Play

It's a Windjammers-like game.

Kids play with a frisbee in a volley-ball/handball mix. Something like that.

There's a simple CPU mode but it's a game meant to be played against another human.


You hit the goal (it's the far-left and far-right zones), you mark 3 points.

You toss the disk and your adversary don't catch it, you mark 2 points.

At 11 points, you win a round.

A 2 rounds, you win the game.


Player 1 :

  • W/Z Q/A S D : movement / throw direction / menu cursors
  • T : throw / charging / ok
  • Y : toss / dash

Player 2 :

  • Up Left Down Right : movement / throw direction / menu cursors
  • O/Numpad 7 : throw / charging / ok
  • P/Numpad 8 : toss / dash


If the disk speed is too high, you can be stunned.

If you charge your throw before receiving a toss, you execute a power throw.

If you charge your throw before receiving a power throw, you counter it.

What ?

I've just discovered Windjammers (Flying Power Disc), a Neo Geo game from 1994. But I didn't played it yet, I just watched videos and tournaments and stuff. And I read some description/rules on Wikipedia.

So I don't know what the game is really like. And I though that it would be fun (for me at least) to "copy" the concept only on my limited knowledge of the game.

So, this is it. Windjammers in a school.

Why School ?

Because I wanted to take a theme from One Game A Month and I couldn't find a theme fitting for it. So, I chose the low-brow comprehension of this theme : educational.

Going Technical

  • haxe
  • openfl


Game Jam Entry : lite Windjammers-like for fake Game Boys.






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