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Smart Popup

Inspired by the Opera search popup feature


Smart Popup is a browser extension, which makes it possible to do some common interaction with the content of webpages via a simple popup. Features included:

  • Copy selected text to clipboard
  • Paste text from clipboard to input fields
  • Search selected text with selected search engine
  • Open selected unlinkified URL on new tab
  • Translate selected text
  • Convert selected values


Please note, this extension is in testing phase and under developement!

  • The extension currently works only in Chromium based browsers. It will change in the future, as a WebExtension port is planned.
  • The extension currently available only in English. It may change in the future.


The extension is only available from this site, for now. If you would like to test it, please download the CRX or 7z file and install it manually!


Any (constructive) feedback is much appreciated. Please, take a look at the Issues, and feel free to open a new one, if you can not find the one that suits your needs.