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battalion - Monsters, explosions, destruction.
You've seen the movies, you know what to do
2004 Release
battalion was written by Andrew Johnson
Changes in 2004 release done by Jaime Alemany
Here are significant changes:
1- The game scene size has been increased
2- Default OpenGL mode is high detail mode
3- OpenAL 3D sound added
4- Window and keyboard control using Glut library. tk code no longer used.
5- Game is level-based now. Three different cities to destroy.
6- Textures loaded from tga files.
But currently there are some features in the original game lost in this release:
1- No Mouse control of monsters
2- Net support disabled
This release was done with a modern computer in mind. Probably it doesnt work
fine in older computers.
The code has been compiled for Windows and Linux, probably other platforms are not
These libraries have to be installed in your system:
I tested the program on a Pentium II 400Mhz with a GeForce2 graphics card and
a SB64 Creative soundcard. Probably an older computer with a GeForce card runs
the program correctly.
You will need the development version of the above libraries in order
to compile the source code.
There are two devcpp project files for compiling the windows version (spanish and english)
and a Makefile for linux.
Devcpp has a devpak for openAL wich can be downloaded directly form the IDE Tools menu