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Nelliel Imageboard


A lightweight imageboard that focuses on providing modern features and customization while preserving the old school imageboard feel. Originally a fork of Futallaby.

IMPORTANT: Nelliel is in late beta stage. Some things are still buggy or incomplete but the software is generally stable.

Notable Features

  • Plugin API
  • Customizable filetype checks with 84 formats already included
  • Extensive customization built-in
  • Web-based controls for most configuration and functions
  • Flexible role and permission system

Minimum Requirements

These are the bare minimum requirements for Nelliel to function. Earlier versions will not receive any support. It is strongly recommended to use the latest software versions available.


These requirements are intentionally well behind the leading edge and should be widely available. The PHP extensions required are usually installed by default or will be available in official repositories. If for some reason even the minimum cannot be provided, find a new host. Srsly.

Optional Requirements

These are optional things that Nelliel or one of its libraries can utilize for extra features or performance increases. They are not required and the software will work fine without them:


See for installation instructions.


Nelliel has a plugin system to allow extension of the software without having to worry about mods that can be easily broken during updates. Details about using the API are available in


Nelliel is released under the 3-Clause BSD License. This can be viewed in or the About Nelliel page.