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Basic installation guide. Should be enough to get things up and running.

  1. Unzip the files for Nelliel and copy them to the location desired.
  2. Make sure the PHP process has read, write and execute permissions on the parent directory, configuration directory and the board_files directory. On Linux this would be chmod 755 or chmod 775 depending on how your host is set up.
  3. If using MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL you need a database and a user that has CREATE, ALTER and DROP permissions for that database.
    For SQLite you just need the path to where you wish the database file to be stored. This must not be a web-accessible location!
  4. Go to the configuration directory and rename config.php.example to config.php then open the file to edit settings. Only a few of these settings need to be changed:
    • defaultadmin and defaultadmin_pass need to be set to a value. This will be used to create a basic administrative user.
    • Change default_locale if you want a language other than American English. If Nelliel can't find the language file for default_locale it will fall back to U.S. English.
    • Set sqltype to whichever type of database you are using. The current options are MYSQL, MARIADB, POSTGRESQL and SQLITE
    • There is a configuration section for each type of SQL database. You only need to configure for the type of database you are using; the others can be left alone.
  5. Go to imgboard.php?install in a browser and give it a moment to run the install routines. If anything goes wrong it should give a relevant error message.
  6. If installation is successful you should receive a success message and a link to default home page. From there you can log in to create boards and further configure the script. You can also go to imgboard.php?module=login to access the login page.
  7. Once you have logged in and confirmed things are working, go back to the config.php and set defaultadmin and defaultadmin_pass back to empty.