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Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. Made the shop remember the price of items when refreshing the sell list.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    Previously, the price was set to 0 when you wanted to sell
    starting from the second time in a row.
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
  1. Prevented no collision beings to go over the map boundaries.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  2. Strengthen the battle target choice logic.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    Overall, I returned when necessary instead of letting the engine
    in an uncertain state sometimes.
    I also added an extra check on actor HitPoints, since their state
    might not suffice to compute whether they're valid or not.
    I also forbid the choice of dead enemy targets in all cases,
    since it won't be seen in the game play.
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. Hopefully fixed an exception in the ScriptManager by adding several

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    missing CloseFile calls where necessary.
  2. Simply reworded the Defensive stance description.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  3. Suppressed useless warnings when trying to preview an unexisting save…

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    … file.
  4. Removed map_filename_based event group support and fixed the story.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    Map based event groups prevented map renaming without major flaws,
    thus making them a bad practice.
    I removed support for them in the code, made the game stop
    counting the time you talked to someone
    (which wasn't working and useless anyway.),
    and made the treasures have their own event table.
    Warning: Save games made before this change will behave as if
    player didn't do anything in the story.
  5. Moved all the village maps in there own sub-folders.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    This breaks the story and will have to go along with a story fix
  6. Added a sounnds when a save was successful/failed.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  7. Polishing: Moved the credits files into their own subfolder.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  8. Turned the heal zone into a heal trigger.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    You now have to push the confirm key to get healed in the forest entrance.
  9. Free the particle effect upon ParticleObject deletion.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    Hopefully should prevent a glibc error on app quit.
  10. Made the editor properly set the collision layer to passable

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    when adding a passable tile over a blocking one.
    Now the editor will also ignore missing tiles, when setting
    the collision bit, except when all the tiles for every layers
    at a given coord are missing, as in that case, it will be set
    as blocking, like before.
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. Reduced the warmup time of Bronann's normal attack a bit.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  2. Slightly increased the XP earned in the first battles.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  3. Reset the time played when triggering a 'new game'.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    Before, the time played could have been the time one had stayed
    in the boot mode, or the time played in a previous save.
  4. Made the heal point also give Skill Points back.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  5. Toned down the heal spell sound again.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    That sound was definitely too loud.
    (Normalized to -10dB)
  6. Tuned a bit the items effects, but Kalya's starting points.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  7. Fixed the price levels in Flora's shop.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  8. Play a different sound when opening a treasure chest with drunes or i…

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  9. Changed the sounds used for active save points.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    Now, the heal spell sound is used to heal again.
    I also dropped the Wesnothian heal sound which wasn't really fitting.
  10. Add a scriptable level cap, avoiding players from getting too high fo…

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    …r now. ;)
  11. Moved the save point to make it fit more the map.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  12. Add a temporay heal point, you can trigger by approaching the statue …

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    …from below.
  13. Added tutorial battle dialogs, seen on first battle.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  14. Forest entrance: Added flowers, fix statue head layer.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  15. Made the forest location image a bit more colorful

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  16. Added trees in the forest entrance.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
  17. Fixed the possibility to save in save points.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    The particle objects prevented to do so.
  18. Fixed a crash in the shop mode

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    Was happening when selecting a weapon without having any equipped.
  19. Added support for scriptable particles effects and particle map objects.

    Yohann Ferreira authored
    To achieve this, I had to upgrade the particle manager to give back
    ParticleEffect pointer instead of id, and add several functions
    to the luabind interface.
    I also created a ParticleObject class which is created a particle
    effect without registering it to the (rather inefficient) particle
    manager, which permitted me to draw the effect at the right time,
    i.e: depending on the map objects y coord order.
    I also fixed the effect offset handling for circle shaped effects,
    and added active and inactive particle effects for save points,
    which you can now see in the forest entrance.
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