A web client for aria2
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A next current generation web client for aria2.

Live Demo

Basic Usage

Download the release package, open index.html in your web browser.

For production use, only files in dist folder are required.

Browser Support

Any morden browser, I guess. If you experience any problem, issue reports are always welcome.

aria2 Version

Since --rpc-passwd option will be deprecated in the future of aria2, Glutton doesn't support it too.

I suggest to use --rpc-secret instead, which support by aria2 1.18.4 or higher.


Glutton accepts page parameters.


Base64 encoded string, including server address and secret. Glutton will try to connect the server on startup.

Format: link||[secret]


// "aHR0cDovLzE5Mi4xNjguMS4xOjY4MDAvanNvbnJwY3x8c2VjcmV0"

Visit the link below, connect to the specific server:



In project folder:

npm install
npm run dev


If you like to improve it with me, PRs are always welcome.