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Open Data on Achievement Goals

This repo holds the open data for the study titled "The Influence of Achievement Goals on Online Help Seeking of Computer Science Students" by Qiang Hao, Brad Barnes, Ewan Wright, and Robert M. Branch. This study was published by the British Journal of Educational Technology in 2016. The recommended citation for this study is:

  • Hao, Q., Barnes, B., Wright, E., & Branch, M. R. (2016). The Influence of Achievement Goals on Online Help Seeking of Computer Science Students. British Journal of Educational Technology. doi:10.1111/bjet.12499

The study was approved by IRB of the University of Georgia. The study focus was on the relationship between achievement goals and online help seeking. To access the instrument of this study, see the Appendix Section of the paper.

Manual for the Data

The survey (see the Appendix Section) is composed of two sections.

The first column of the data, which numbers each student, has noting to do with the actual measurement.

  • CaseNo. --- Student Number

The first section of the survey measures students' online help seeking, using three variables:

  • OnlineSearch --- Online searching
  • OnlineTeacher --- Asking teachers online for help
  • OnlinePeer --- Asking peers or unknwon people for help

The second section of the survey measures students' Achievement goal.

  • PAP --- Performance-Approach Goals
  • PAP1 - PAP3 --- Questions measuring Performance-Approach Goals
  • PAV --- Performance-Avoidance Goals
  • PAV1 - PAV3 --- Questions measuring Performance-Avoidance Goals
  • MAV --- Mastery-Avoidance Goals
  • MAV1 - MAV3 --- Questions measuring Mastery-Avoidance Goals
  • MAP --- Mastery-Approach Goals
  • MAP1 - MAP3 --- Questions measuring Mastery-Approach Goals