Launch a custom shell command when you receive a message in profanity.
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Plugin for Profanity to launch a custom shell command when a message is received



  1. Download the script

  2. Launch Profanity

  3. Install the plugin with the following command

/plugins install ~/profanity-notifycmd/


Turn the plugin on

/notifycmd on

Turn the plugin off

/notifycmd off

Only notify for the currently active window

/notifycmd active

Enable/Disable notifycmd for messages in rooms

/notifycmd rooms on|off|mention

Default: mention on: Runs for all messagesmention: Run only for messages that contain your nickoff`: Don't run in rooms

Set command to exectue

/notifycmd command <command>

Set command to execute. You can use the following markers:

  • %s -> sender
  • %m -> message
  • %% -> literal %

Warning: You can't use single quotes around markers in commands, because the markers get converted into shell variables. So a command like this echo "%s: %m>>~/log will actually result in senderreplace='<sender>';messagereplace='<message>';echo "${senderreplace}: ${messagereplace}" >> ~/log. This is for security reasons and prevents remote code execution.

Command Examples

Android notifications for Termux

You'll need Termux:API and the termux-api package (apt install termux-api).

/notifycmd command termux-notification -t 'Profanity: %s says:' -c '%m' --vibrate 500,100,500


Send an Email as a notification

/notifycmd plugin command set to: echo '%m' | mutt -s 'New message from %s' name@domain.tld