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Yara Rule Analyzer and Statistics


yarAnalyzer creates statistics on a yara rule set and files in a sample directory. Place some signatures with .yar extension in the "signatures" folder and then run yarAnalyzer on a certain sample directory like: -p /sample/path -s /signatures

It will generate two tables as command line output and two CSV files. (yaranalyzer_file_stats.csv, yaranalyzer_rule_stats.csv)

A new feature is the inventory creation. --inventory -s /signatures

This will create a CSV file named yara-rule-inventory.csv (default, set with '-o') with information about the initialized rules. (Rule File;Rule Name;Description;Reference)


Rule Statistics

Rule Statistics

File Statistics

File Statistics

CSV Output in Excel

CSV Output in Excel


usage: [-h] [-p path] [-s sigpath] [-e ext] [-i identifier]
                      [-m max-size] [-l max-string] [-f first-bytes]
                      [-o output] [--excel] [--noempty] [--inventory]
                      [--printAll] [--debug]

yarAnalyzer - Yara Rules Statistics and Analysis

optional arguments:
  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  -p path         Path to scan
  -s sigpath      Path to signature file(s)
  -e ext          signature extension
  -i identifier   Set an identifier - will be used in filename
                  identifier_rule_stats.csv and identifier_file_stats.csv
  -m max-size     Max file size in MB (default=10)
  -l max-string   Max filename/rulename string length in command line output
  -f first-bytes  Number of first bytes to show in output
  -o output       Inventory output
  --excel         Add extras to suppress automatic conversion in Microsoft
  --noempty       Don't show empty values
  --inventory     Create a YARA rule inventory only
  --printAll      Print all files that are scanned
  --debug         Debug output


install the outdated "yara" Python module via pip. Use "yara-python" instead or install it from the github repo: